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DescriptionCourseplay FS22 Courseplay allows you to generate field courses with additional features, for example: headlands. It also enables the usage of balers and foragewagons, that can be send on the same course, as a mower or harvester from before. Another big feature is the collecting or wraping of bales on the field. New with this iteration of CP is the vine fieldwork. Fieldwork courses can be setup in multitool mode, which allows the use of up to 5 driver working in a convoy on the same field. It's also possible to have the combine unload in a trailer on/near the field automatically. Custom fieldborders can be assigned for courseplay to use, for example: in case of a meadow, which isn't recognised as a normal field. Lastly cp has a interface for Autodrive, which allows for refilling of a seeder at a nearby silo or unloading a foragewagon and so on. For more information please visit our github: . There you can get help or report any issue you've experienced. Finally we thank every translator and our community for reporting bugs, giving use feedback and new ideas.
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